Micron Fabrication Plant 10A

Project Details

Type: Industrial (Semiconductor Manufacturing Plant)
Location: North Coast Drive
Owner: Micron Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd
Working Partners: Exyte Singapore Pte Ltd
Site Area: 165,529m2
Gross Floor Area: ~259,948.16m2
Completion Year: On-going
Contract Sum: Undisclosed

Micron Fabrication Plant 10A

Proposed Erection of 3-Storey Fab Production Building, 2-Storey Central Utility Plant (CUP) Building with a Basement, Single Storey Bulk Speciality Gas Storage (BSGS).

Services used in this project

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Foam Water Suppression Systems

Hydrant Systems

Emergency Voice Communication System

Air-Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) Systems

Waste Water Treatment Systems



Natural Gas

Full Hydraulic Calculations (FHC) for Fire Fighting Systems

Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

Hose Reel System

Fire Detection Systems

Audible & Visual Fire Alarm System

Engineered Smoke Control Systems

Scrubber Systems

Plumbing & Sanitary

Air-Conditioning System Efficiency

Performance Based Fire Engineering Design

Pollutant Recirculation Simulation