Eon Shenton, 70 Shenton Way

Project Details

Type: Mixed Development (Office & Residential)
Location: Singapore, Lot 00415P, 1261A (PT) TS 23 at 70 Shenton Way (Downtown Core Planning Area)
Owner: 70 Shenton Way Pte Ltd
Working Partners: Ronny Chin Architects Pte Ltd
Site Area: 1840.20m2
Gross Floor Area: 19,577.34m2
Completion Year: 2020

Eon Shenton, 70 Shenton Way

Amendment to the Approved Erection of 32 Storey Commercial Building Comprising of Shops on 1st Storey, 2 Basement of Carpark, 4 Storey Multi-Storey Carpark Podium, Offices (Lower Tower), Residential Flats (Upper Tower Total 132 Units) and 3 Storeys of Sky Terrace.

Services used in this project

Performance Based Fire Engineering Design